#62: What's Happening - Video of Halloween Divers: Jumping Hot Dogs and Fighting Pirates

As you know from this previous post, the Giant Ocean Tank was a big part of the Aquarium's Halloween fun this year. Not only do we have some amazing still photos, but (just like last year) we also have some great underwater footage of our costumed divers.

Click play on the embedded movies below to see the hot dog jump into the Giant Ocean Tank (left) and an underwater pirate battle (right).



#61: What's Happening - Divers, and Costumes, and Pumpkins, Oh My!

On October 23rd the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT) staff and volunteers took part in our annual event called "Fish, Fun, and Fright." (See photos and videos from last year's event.) We opened up the Aquarium for our members after scheduled hours for an evening of tricks, treats and, most notably, our costumed divers in the GOT.

This is me! My name is Kimmie Banks and I'm currently the GOT co-op from Northeastern University. I've been here for about 4 months now, and I've quickly learned that there is never a dull moment in the GOT. I was really excited to wear a costume in the tank, but isn't easy to think of a costume that is hydrodynamic and won't look like delicious food to our animals. The angelfish were really interested in eating my Bumble Bee outfit, but luckily it stayed intact.

Earlier that day our volunteers and interns had fun carving pumpkins to put in the GOT.

This year we had such a great turn out for volunteer divers, and Lizzie and Brian were no exception.

Amidst all the candy, Popeye encouraged children and adults alike to eat their spinach.

A fearless Spiderman scaled the windows of the GOT with ease. If you could hear her speak underwater, visitors would hear: "My Spidey senses are tingling."

Luckily, we also had the most graceful of creatures in the tank.

Sam as an angelfish and Ariel as a ballerina.

Anna as a jellyfis. I hope Myrtle didn't try to take a bite!

Being at the top of the GOT was so exciting, you never knew what costume would jump in the tank next.

Where's Kristen? Oh, there she is! As Waldo she's tricky to pick out among all the fish.

We thought the tourist season was over, but Andrea just couldn't miss out on such a fun dive.

We've never tried giving the sharks hot dogs, but apparently they wanted a sample.

All staff and volunteers had a blast this year, and based on the smiles and waves we saw through the windows, we're sure families and their friends had a great time too.

Until next year, have a safe and happy Halloween!




#60: Our Reef Residents - Ari's First Day

I am back from my leave, and so very lucky to be here for Ari's first swim in the Giant Ocean Tank. It was a long road to recovery for her--almost 2 1/2 years from the time she was found on a beach in Louisiana to now.

I had the good fortune of being in the water during her introduction, and caught her on film, exploring the G.O.T. waters for the first time. How cool!



#59: What's Happening - Thanks for helping name our new sea turtle!

Today Ari the Kemp's ridley sea turtle made her successful debut in the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT)! Thanks to all of the hundreds of people who submitted names and the thousands of you who voted for their favorite name.

Ari in her new home at the Aquarium

Ari's name has a great conservation message, because it is short for "arribada," which is the massive arrival of female sea turtles to nest. This mostly happens on the beaches of Rancho Nuevo, Mexico, and protecting these nesting areas is extremely important for the protection of the species. Now every time someone asks what Ari's name is, our educators will be able to tell that story!

Ari is such a good name, that a lot of people suggested it. Since we could only have one winner, we selected the person who gave the best description of what an arribada is. That was Sharon B., but some of the other contestants who entered this name include Jenny T., Cathy F., Carole S., Michael N., Ryan B., Helen Z., Dominika, Sam P., Melissa V., Julia, Jack and Alison P., Alex S., Aaron P., Romy M., Jake S., Jenn G., Danielle D., Cindy S., Ashlee D., Norma R., Judi O., Connie B., Junior G. and Steph. Great work, everyone!

We also received some great entries from families who came together to think of great turtle names. Thanks to Molly, Rob, Bo, Callie, Ned and Colin for sending us your entries, and we hope you have fun seeing all the turtles in the GOT during your next visit!

In the meantime, Ari is getting used to her new home, and we'll be keeping you updated on other GOT happenings.