Meet a Diver: Sean

Hello everyone! My name is Sean and I am the newest addition to the team of divers that helps care for and maintain the Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium. My love of diving started at a relatively young age and out of that passion grew a deep appreciation for all things related to marine life.

I first started SCUBA diving in high school and was very fortunate to spend several vacations diving with my family.

Practicing a safe ascent rate while in Hawaii with my younger brother Josh

Feeding a southern stingray at Stingray City, Grand Cayman also with my brother as my dive buddy

It wasn’t until my sophomore year at Northeastern University that I began seriously exploring career opportunities in marine science. I started as a volunteer, and later an intern, in the Lobster Research and Rearing Facility at the New England Aquarium assisting with research into lobster shell disease.

Juvenile American lobster used for research. The numbers below the lobster indicate that this was the 859th lobster to develop past the larval stage in April 2010

The following year I participated in a research diving program at Northeastern called Three Seas. During Three Seas I spent many hours conducting marine ecological field research on the Massachusetts North Shore, studying the health of coral ecosystems in Panama and exploring kelp forests in Washington state.

Collecting subtidal algae in Nahant, MA for a Three Seas research project

This rock beauty was one of the many species I studied in Panama and you can also see them in the GOT

Large brightly colored nudibranchs, like this clown nudibranch, were very abundant in the San Juan Islands, WA

During the summer of 2012 I worked as an intern for the Giant Ocean Tank and after graduating Northeastern in December of that same year I was hired as a full-time aquarist.

Feeding shrimp to a large southern stingray as a GOT intern

I am very excited to be working at an institution that helps people explore the mysteries and majesty of marine life. I believe that sharing my passions and experiences can help inspire others to take action and work to protect our oceans. So the next time you visit the New England Aquarium don’t hesitate to wave, say hello or ask a question. I love to talk about my work!

Swimming in the newly renovated Giant Ocean Tank

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