#79: What's Happening? - Myrtle Goes Green

It's only fitting that Myrtle is going green. She is in fact a green sea turtle! Actually, around here we call it living blue, and by consuming locally grown vegetables, that is just what we are doing. These Brussels sprouts that Myrtle is devouring in this video were indeed obtained through a CSA (community supported agriculture) in Massachusetts.

There are many reasons why buying local produce is good, but the best reason is because much less fuel is consumed to get the vegetables from the farmer to the consumer. Less gasoline used means fewer carbon emissions and therefore a healthier environment. Another way for you to live blue.

Enjoy your Brussels sprouts on Christmas Eve, Myrtle!


Find out how Chris is living blue by reading his live blue profile! You'll also find lots more folks, from radio producers to writers to Bruins hockey players, who are taking a stand for our oceans. Are you? Consider adding your own live blue profile!