#57: What's Happening - Vote for your favorite sea turtle name!

The Aquarium's new Kemp's ridley sea turtle needs a name, and we're having a contest to name her! Last week we asked turtle fans to submit their favorite sea turtle names, and this week you get to vote on which name is the best! Here's some more information about each of the names you have to choose from.

The submission box gets another name idea last week.

Ari -Vote for this name now!
Ari, short for Arribada, refers to the mass nesting reproductive strategy that is unique to this species. Every year between April and June, thousands of female Kemp's ridley sea turtles arrive at the same beach in Mexico to lay their eggs. Why they synchronize their emergence is largely unknown, but it may serve as a form of predator saturation or swamping.

An Olive ridley arribada (Photo: Michael P. Jensen / NOAA)

Cara -Vote for this name now!
Short for carapace, which is the word for the upper shell of sea turtles. The name Cara can also be linked to the late Archie Carr, whose contributions to sea turtle conservation are unsurpassed. You can learn more about the wildlife refuge named for Archie Carr here.

This photo displays the new turtle's carapace

Lulu -Vote for this name now!
Short for Louisiana, the location where this turtle stranded and was rehabilitated. Learn more about this turtle's long road to recovery here.

A Kemp's ridley distribution map showing how the range includes the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, where the new turtle was rescued (credit: Pinpin, wikimedia commons)

Lora -Vote for this name now!
Aside from a modest number of nests in Texas, The entire population of Kemp's ridley sea turtles next on beaches in Mexico. The people of Mexico refer to these turtles as "parrot turtles" or "Tortuga Lora", for their parrot like beaks. Their beaks allow them to crack open crabs and other shell fish, which are a major component of their diet.

This photo of the new turtle show's off her beak-like head

Sunny -Vote for this name now!
Kemp's ridley sea turtles are the only species of sea turtles that nest during the day light hours.

A nesting sea turtle in south Padre Island (Photo: Jessica Lavash)

Richelle -Vote for this name now!
The Kemp's ridley sea turtle was named after Richard Kemp, a fisherman from Key West Florida who was interested in natural history. Mr. Kemp submitted the first specimen of this species for identification. "Richelle" is the feminine version of "Richard."

The new Kemp's ridley sea turtle gets a checkup at the Aquarium.



#56: What's Happening - Help Name Our New Sea Turtle!

Last week we introduced you to the Giant Ocean Tank's newest Kemp's ridley sea turtle. Now you can help us name her! Enter your best turtle name on this contest page.

Start submitting today! If we like your name, we'll put it in an online poll for everyone to vote on. The person who submits the winning name will get a chance to come to the Aquarium next month and help us introduce the new turtle to the Giant Ocean Tank!



#55: Our Reef Residents - Meet Our Newest Sea Turtle

On Tuesday evening Sherrie drove to Logan Airport to pick up a very special package--a Kemp's ridley sea turtle! This turtle was found on a beach in Cameron Parish, Louisiana in 2007, with severe injuries to its head and back flippers, most likely due to a propeller strike. She was nursed back to health at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans and later at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species Center in Algiers, Louisiana.

Due to her injuries, she was not a candidate to be re-released. Officials in Louisiana contacted us and asked if we had room for another sea turtle, and we did! So arrangements were made and the turtle was flown from New Orleans to Boston earlier this week.

Check out some pictures of the new turtle getting a physical examination from our vet staff.

After about a month of quarantine behind the scenes she will be put in the Giant Ocean Tank where she will join our other rescued sea turtles, Scute, Retread, and Carolina, and of course Myrtle too. (Find out how much each of these turtles weigh by reading this post.)