#55: Our Reef Residents - Meet Our Newest Sea Turtle

On Tuesday evening Sherrie drove to Logan Airport to pick up a very special package--a Kemp's ridley sea turtle! This turtle was found on a beach in Cameron Parish, Louisiana in 2007, with severe injuries to its head and back flippers, most likely due to a propeller strike. She was nursed back to health at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans and later at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species Center in Algiers, Louisiana.

Due to her injuries, she was not a candidate to be re-released. Officials in Louisiana contacted us and asked if we had room for another sea turtle, and we did! So arrangements were made and the turtle was flown from New Orleans to Boston earlier this week.

Check out some pictures of the new turtle getting a physical examination from our vet staff.

After about a month of quarantine behind the scenes she will be put in the Giant Ocean Tank where she will join our other rescued sea turtles, Scute, Retread, and Carolina, and of course Myrtle too. (Find out how much each of these turtles weigh by reading this post.)




  1. Sea Turtles ROCK!! You guys are awesome for taking her in. She found a great home with you guys and I can't wait to visit again and meet her.

  2. She is beautiful! You should name her Buttercup!

  3. I wish the contest did not close, my husband said you should name her Touche Turtle, a cartoon superhero from our childhood days. Kind of catchy, easy to remember!


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