Bahamas Expedition: Another great expedition

Chris, a regular staff diver in the Giant Ocean Tank, just returned from an Aquarium expedition to the Bahamas. This photo collection is his final post from the Spring 2012 expedition.

The trip participants (including Luigi, my dad, Don and Christine) have all returned home. I'm busy back here on Central Wharf with the usual hectic routines of a Giant Ocean Tank diver. And the fish are settling into their temporary tanks before they go on exhibit. As a wrap-up on a fantastic Bahamas expedition, I sorted through all of the pictures taken, and chose my favorites. A top ten if you will. Enjoy.

 An unnamed peninsula, close to where we anchored for the night

 The Sapona

 A school of grunts

 The Coral Reef II, as seen through the Sapona's skeleton

 Creole wrasses

 Mackerel skies, as I learned they are called from Captain Lou

 Sunset on the Atlantic

Green sea turtle that some divers nicknamed Crush

If this type of trip looks right up your alley, consider joining us on future Bahamas Collecting Expeditions. These trips are hard work, in fact my dad talked about climbing into his bunk thoroughly exhausted every night. But it's the toughest vacation you'll ever love, to modify that Peace Corps phrase a bit. Our participants are already talking about coming back!

These important trips are not only a great experience for those on the boat, but our efforts inspire wonder and hopefully teach appreciation for our blue planet to millions of visitors to the New England Aquarium. So if you're not a scuba diver, I hope you'll at least spend some time getting to know the beautiful creatures in the Giant Ocean Tank and around the whole building.

Thanks for joining us on this amazing journey, and we hope to see you around someday — either on Central Wharf or on our expeditions. Happy World Oceans Day!