A Sea Turtle Has a Checkup

Ari is our Kemp's ridley sea turtle. She arrived from New Orleans in 2009 after being rehabilitated at the Aquarium of the Americas following a boat strike in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, she's lived her life in the Giant Ocean Tank (as well as the Penguin exhibit during our 10-month GOT renovation).  Twice a year, our vets perform regular exams on all of our sea turtles and this week it was Ari's turn.

Unlike some of her larger turtle friends, Ari is generally a well-behaved patient

Blood draw

One of the things that we learned from recent past blood tests is that her hormone levels are higher than normal, which could be the cause of her current extended fast.  Therefore, she received implants for attempted suppression of ovarian activity, one in each shoulder.  Hopefully this will bring back her appetite.

Receiving her deslorelin implants

Ready to return to the tank Ari?

Kemp's Ridley, Lepidochelys kempii, is listed as critically endangered.  Ari is living in the GOT only because she would not be able to survive in the wild.  We are fortunate to have her because it gives visitors a reason to learn about them and potentially become stewards for their survival.

Unlike Myrtle, she fits in the "turtle box" with plenty of room to spare

Intern Alex and aquarist Sherrie moving Ari back into the GOT

Having her picture taken by a visitor
Ari is back in the tank safe and sound and continuing to wow the visitors (with her abilities to nap).

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