Blog #1: The Expedition Begins!

This is very exciting for me. I'm heading out on my first diving
expedition with the Aquarium.

My wife Margaret and I took the long road to getting certified for SCUBA last year. We started the certification course at the Newton YMCA in Massachusetts. We did our first open water dives in the Red Sea at a place called Dahab on the edge of the Sinai Desert in Egypt. Then we did our open water dive training in Bermuda, where we got a chance to visit several wrecks on the ring of reefs that surround the island. Finally we took our first dive in the Aquarium's Giant Ocean Tank. So, after traveling all those miles to be trained, I feel ready for Bimini.

Earlier this week we shipped off all of our equipment to Miami and loaded the large coolers that will be used to bring live specimens back to Boston. We headed out at 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning, right after the Aquarium's annual gala, the Blue Planet Ball. Stay tuned for my first report. Hopefully I will have time to take off my tux from the night before.

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