#2: Video

What's it like inside the Giant Ocean Tank?
You can get a good look for yourself by coming to visit and spending some time watching the animals. Here's a video sample.



  1. there's no video.

  2. Having recently spent some time after hours in the NEAQ with the lights out. Appreciated the difference in activity in the GOT.
    Would be neat to have a "night cam" in the tank so the cam could go 24/7?

  3. The GOT webcam does run at night as well, however it is not a night-vision camera so it is often too dark to see the animals.

    The tank is set to a night time light pattern to simulate the actual periods of coral daylight.

  4. let's see what interest that can be generated for a night vision camera. To see what happens in the GOT "in the dark" of night.


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