#5: Dive Buddies - The Summer Interns

Each summer, we bring on a small number of interns to assist us in taking care of the Giant Ocean Tank (G.O.T) and its many inhabitants. They come from all over, from North Carolina to Vermont, as well as from local Boston schools. We've even had one from Portugal. Having them is a great boost for us, and it's a great opportunity for them to get some hands-on experience in marine science.

Our interns are responsible for prepping the many pounds of food for over 600 G.O.T. creatures, doing surface feedings, helping with animal acclimation and sea turtle exams, and much more.

SCUBA certified interns also have the privilege of diving in the G.O.T., where they become part of the team that maintains the tank, scrubbing algae off of the artificial reef, vacuuming the gravel, and cleaning the windows so that the visitors are able to see inside. Along with this, they get to feed some of our animals underwater, a coveted privilege. They dive 1 of the 4 feeding dives, at 2:30, when we target feed our southern stingrays and cownose rays their favorite food, shrimp. We couldn't survive the summer without them. Meet Sam, Cara, and Christine... our interns of Summer '08.

"Working as a Giant Ocean Tank intern is a work experience like no other. Every day brings new and exciting adventures and challenges. Whether feeding Myrtle, a 548-pound green sea turtle, or scrubbing coral, everything is a blast ... and then you get sprayed in the face by squid guts!" -Sam

"My experience at the New England Aquarium has been a remarkable and life-changing opportunity. I have always been enthralled by marine life but my internship experience has allowed me to focus my knowledge towards specific marine species and habitats. I have fallen in love with this job and cannot imagine any other career path for myself after just three months at NEAQ." -Cara

"Hey! My name is Christine and I am one of the trio of magnificent interns diving in the Giant Ocean Tank this summer. My experience at the aquarium has been nothing short of amazing and I am already sad to be leaving this job (How could you not miss diving with sharks and giant sea turtles everyday?!). The staff is an entertaining and wily bunch and working with them has made this great job even sweeter. It's a dream come true for any intern to work for people who treat you like an equal staff member and not just the newbie to give the dirty jobs to (though there was no shortage of that!). In short, this has been one of my best summers and has inspired me to consider a career in marine sciences and especially aquaria. Any chance I get to dive is OK with me!" -Christine



  1. Helping maintain the giant tank sounds like a fun alternative to recreational scuba diving. It must have been a great learning experience for the interns. What an envy! -- gary

  2. Such a NICE blog Chris!! yay. i'm happy. :)


  3. That looks awesome. Can any intern or volunteer feed?


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