#8: Our Reef Residents - Animal Acclimations

People often ask us how we get new animals into the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT). Depending on the animal(s) being acclimated, we use a variety of techniques including hidden cages, netted barrel corals, stretchers, pickle barrels, and floating pens.

Yesterday we added 5 new fish to the Giant Ocean Tank. These redfin needlefish, Strongylura notata, were collected during our Spring Bahamas collecting trip. They arrived in Boston on May 13th, and after 4 1/2 months in quarantine and growing up behind the scenes, they were ready for their new home.

The needlefish were transferred via bin and bag from their holding tank to their pen in the GOT.

We built a special pen for their acclimation, which we floated at the top of the artificial reef.

A pen is used for their acclimation, to increase their chances for surviving in their new environment. Without this protection, they could fall prey to some of the G.O.T. inhabitants.

After about a week, the webbing of the pen will be removed, and the needlefish will be able to venture out into the G.O.T. waters at their own will.

They will join the 6 redfins already living in the exhibit.

- Chris



  1. It's just like going to school for the first day

  2. Nice info. How do you guys keep track of all these little guys?

  3. very informative- thanks!

  4. is that real coral your walking on?


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