#15: What's Happening - Lost Wedding Ring is Found!

In early July, a guest diver lost his wedding ring while SCUBA diving in the Giant Ocean Tank. Bob, a creative director with Boston area advertising agency Mullen, was given the chance to dive in the GOT after helping create the award winning marketing campaign for the "Sharks & Rays" exhibit. After the dive he realized that his wedding ring was missing! His best guess was that he lost it while scrubbing the shell of Myrtle, our 560 pound green sea turtle.

Bob Pirrmann (left), lost his ring in the GOT. Mike (right) found it.

Three months later, I was vacuuming up food debris in the sandy area between some finger coral during the 1:15 cleaning dive. When the debris was gone, I noticed a round shape that I thought was a coin. After vacuuming some more, I realized what it was. It was the ring!

Mike passes the Bob his wedding ring in the Giant Ocean Tank.

As divers, we often find things that drop into the GOT. We have a collection of sunglasses, cameras, cell phones, and baby pacifiers. But was a unique find and it felt great to return the ring back to Bob. He even came back for another dive so I could show him where his ring has rested for the last few months.


P.S. This story is making the rounds! Find out more about it from the press release. The story also appeared in the Metro, The Boston Globe, WBZ TV News and the Attleboro Sun Chronicle.


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  1. Great story! I can see why people like it :)


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