#26: What's Happening - Christmas in the Giant Ocean Tank

Although the Aquarium is closed on Christmas Day, the fish still have visions of squid, shrimp, and krill dancing in their head. The Christmas team that make these visions come true...

Left to right:
Sarah (Diver), John (Diver), Amy (also called John's wife--helps us celebrate Christmas day), Jenna (Volunteer), Kathryn (Water quality tech, the unsung hero who keeps our fish in happy water all year long), Jason (Departing Northeastern Penguin team co-op comes upstairs for a farewell holiday dive) and Dan (Diver)

Amy and Jenna

Christmas goodies, German Christmas Stollen from Ellen

Jenna gets goofy

Gifts for our volunteers

Christmas morning madness

Dive time

Its cold

Look, Mom no hands

Hope you had a happy holiday season!

- John



  1. it looks like you guys had fun! happy holidays!!

  2. It's easy to forget that the Aq. is a 24/7 operation. Just because it's a holiday,doesn't mean the animals go home to the Bahamas, or the Amazon, etc. to visit their families. So, it's you guys who give up a day off to come to the Aq. to keep the critters, fed & happy. And you even make it into a fun time! Cheers to you all!


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