#36: Our Reef Residents - New Green Moray Eel

Animal donations are a sensitive subject. We at the New England Aquarium make it a policy to not accept donations from pet owners. Some animals grow to an unmanageable size, and when this happens, some people unknowingly expect us to take their pet, which we simply cannot do. Also, never release a pet back into the wild. Its survival is unlikely and any released animals could spread diseases to local populations. Be responsible, educate yourself and do your research, and avoid any animals that will outgrow your aquarium.

Our newest green moray eel is an exception. He was a donation, but we only accepted him because he was a rescue. This is the story of how he came to find the Giant Ocean Tank his home. Dan D. and I made the trip out to Billerica, Mass. to catch the eel.

Out of his tank and into a temporary bin for the trip.

Loading him into the back of the Aquarium 4x4.

Once back at the Aquarium, he was transferred to a large pickle barrel and put into this large round tank behind the scenes for quarantine. After 30+days, he is ready for the G.O.T. Still inside his barrel, he awaits his dunk during one last treatment to ensure we're not infecting the tank with any diseases.

View from the top of the GOT. The barrel with eel laid on the bottom for 3 days, to allow him to acclimate to his new environment.

He wasted no time in coming out after I removed the barrel lid.
Many fishes were very interested in their new neighbor.

Here's me babysitting him while he explores his new digs.

After a few hours, he found a comfortable spot at the top of the reef.
He quickly learned to take dead food from the divers, as seen in this video.




  1. Great story. What you expressed about doing research before taking an animal home is sound and true advice.

    The eel is quite cute and I'm glad he has a nice comfortable home now! I look forward to watching him grow up in the future.

  2. I used to babysit that eel back in Billerica :-) Miss you haha!

    PS- I'm still mad at you for killing the puffer fish.

  3. What's his name?

  4. I love moray eels! I might be able to go to that aquarium: that would be so awesome! What is the moray eel's name? ?

  5. I like fish tanks just as much as the next guy, but for the environmentally concerned, it’s important to note they come with more than just the price tag you see in the store.

  6. Do you have to hand feed the eel everyday? If so, how many feedings and how do you find him?

    1. Hi there. Good question. Yes, the eels are offered food every day. Some of the eels eat several times a week, others once a month or so. But if you ever see an eel approach a diver During a fish feeding, you'll notice that the feeding immediately become an eel feeding. The eels just wriggle into the food bag and take as much as they want!


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