#38: Our Reef Residents - AMAZING DISCOVERY!!!

A little known fact about the Giant Ocean Tank is that the entire reef structure is hollow and sealed off from the tank proper by a hatch, what we call the 'cave door.' We do this to prevent the tank's inhabitants from wandering up into that dark and creepy place. Periodically senior dive staff enter this cavernous space in order to do various maintenance tanks (see a future blog entry for more on that!), but it's not a place for the faint of heart. (Nor the untrained!)

So imagine my surprise when I opened the hatch today and was confronted by the probing tentacles of a giant squid that must have been hiding in there for decades!!!

Luckily Chris was there to catch the monster on camera before it withdrew back into the inky darkness ...

Oh, wait...

Never mind...

April Fools!!!

(Sorry, but I had to do it.)

- John



  1. You got me! I was like, WOW that's amazing.

    Nice photoshopping skills :P

  2. That graphic really is amazing! I bet National Geographic would buy it from you...

    You're such a goober =:-P


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