Spring Collecting Trip #5: Power of the Boat

This trip does funny things to people. It kind of reminds me of being a bunch of kids at a summer camp run by their favorite celebrity—like, imagine if Michael Jordan were running a camp for kids, and during the first few days of setting up he asked something like, "Who wants to help me move this table?" You can picture the way that 20 kids would run over there to try to pitch in however they could—10 cramming together to lift the table, some just running along with their hands touching the table, 5 running ahead to open doors, 5 more hovering around to direct traffic or look for anything else that needs doing.

It's just like that here, except that we're all adults and nobody is a celebrity. Everybody, Including the paying participants, is completely up to do everything:

Waiting for a net to come up

Looking through new findings

Watching the new fish get used to things on the boat

This attitude comes in handy when we need to do less glamorous things, like mending our nets and catch bags. Last night, as the boat was rocking and rolling on our way back to Bimini, eight trip participants sat alongside the staff with needles and dental floss, patching up holes in our gear that might allow caught fish to slip away (which actually happened to me yesterday, and it's pretty rough).

Don wearing a classic Don shirt

We're taking our newly refurbished nets to dive at a wreck site today, so hopefully I can get some good shots of that to show tomorrow.



  1. ooooooh, tough lesson to learn...check your nets for holes before jumping in. Isn't there always a trip fish? what is it, and has anyone caught one yet?

  2. Tim,
    Bad dive to have your fish thrown back, but to loose it on the way up, worse. Check your email for the "Rawhide" verses and chorus for BAD DIVE.
    A dejas vu for Capt'ns John and Lou.
    Enjoy the rest of your dives and maybe some lonely little fish will jump in your net!


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