Day 8: Move ‘em out

This is the seventh in a series of guest posts from Aquarium volunteer Sarah M. Winchester. She participated in the most recent Bahamas Collecting Trip. As our expedition leaders are gearing up for next Spring's expedition, Sarah chronicles her experience with the Aquarium in Bimini.

Day eight started at 4 am, long before any thought of the sun rising, but we had a lot of work to complete and the fish had to be at the airport at 10:30 am.


Bye-bye see you in Boston.

It was an exhilarating and exhausting eight days, and the people aboard the trip made it all the more special. So it was with tired bodies in need of a nice long shower that we all said our goodbyes. The only thought prevented our parting ways from being so sad was the promise of getting to see all the fish we worked so hard to collect soon on exhibit in their new home at the New England Aquarium.

So with a few more photos, I give you our amazing team.


Our fearless leader, Barbara, New England Aquarium

Diver Dan, New England Aquarium

Calm, cool and collected, Deana, New England Aquarium

Invertebrates expert and chicken raiser, Kate, New England Aquarium

Penguin transporter and blog mistress for our trip, Andrea, New England Aquarium

The fearless Captain Lou, Shedd Aquarium

Lean, mean fish-searching machine, Captain John, Shedd Aquarium


Multi-trip participant, Dave (practically staff)

Another long time trip veteran, Don

Power couple from North Carolina, Nichole and Chad

Fellow GOT volunteer, Patty 

My wonderful husband and best dive buddy ever, Scuba Steve

Me, Sarah

I hope you all enjoyed this photo day-by-day account of our Bahamas Collecting trip, as much as we enjoyed participating.  It was an amazing adventure.

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