Our Reef Residents: Banded butterflyfish

Last week, I took my underwater camera into the GOT, and followed around this pair of banded butterflyfish for a few minutes. They remained within a couple feet of each other the entire time I was filming, which you can see in this video:

Banded butterflyfish, Chaetodon striatus, according to fishbase.org, are monogamous, the practice of having a single partner during a period of time. Just like many humans!

Banded butterflyfish (Photo: Bernard E. Picton via Wikimedia Commons)

In fact, during our Bahamas Collecting Expeditions, we never take just one of these fish if it is seen as a pair with another. Trip rules. Speaking of, the next trip is coming up in just a few months. Stay tuned.



  1. Great post, Chris! Nice video!
    We'd love to see more like this with tidbits about different species.

  2. Was that Myrtle the turtle I saw in there? Great video

  3. Good eye, ERI. Indeed there's a cameo of Myrtle napping on the bottom of the tank. Glad you liked the video!


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