Bahamas Expedition: Blogging off the grid

Chris, a regular staff diver in the Giant Ocean Tank, is on an Aquarium expedition to the Bahamas. Stay tuned for live updates from the turquoise blue waters of Caribbean, complete with pictures, conservation notes and a taste of life on board a working boat.

As we cross the Gulf Stream from Miami to Bimini, and eventually lose all connectivity (wi-fi, local mobile networks, hotspots, etc.), now is a good time to explain how I will blog from the middle of nowhere, ocean. It's actually quite simple. I have a laptop and a satellite phone (pictured). The sat phone is turned on and using GPS satellites and a USB cord to connect it to the laptop, "wa-la" I have connectivity.

Well, it may not be as simple as I make it sound, but the concept is, and with luck (and user skill) I will be able to post while at sea. Success if you are reading this!

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