2: Bahamas 2013 | Trip fish on board, and then some

Genevieve is a former intern from the dive department. She joined Aquarium divers in the Bahamas to help collect fish, under special permits, so that visitors in Boston can appreciate the splendor of a healthy Caribbean reef.  After a top-to-bottom transformation, the Giant Ocean Tank is expected to reopen in early summer with more than twice the number of fish than last fall. 

Blue chromis | Photo: Mark Rosenstein
Collecting days begin at 7:00 am on the Coral Reef, in order to ensure at least three to four dives each day. On Sunday, we logged three dives, each of them very successful in terms of collecting. Between the first two dives of the day, the group collected 74 fish, the majority being blue and brown chromis.

Blue chromis | Photo: Mark Rosenstein

Blue chromis are a deep blue that will stand out against the colors of the reef in the Giant Ocean Tank, making these bright fish a priority on the fish wishlist.

Balloonfish | Photo: Mark Rosenstein

The third dive greatly increased the biodiversity of the wells, bringing up many different species of fish but in lower numbers. The porcupine fish and trumpet fish are cool additions to the Giant Ocean Tank because of their unique shape and pattern.

Pufferfish | Photo: Mark Rosenstein

Due to their social personalities, ballonfish are favorites of the GOT divers. We hope to eventually feature them in our GOT visitor interaction program. Lastly, we got our first white spotted filefish on board!

Trip fish—white-spotted filefish in a holding tank on the boat | Photo: Mark Rosenstein

The white spotted file is the fish of the trip, chosen because of their interesting color scheme and markings. They can also grow to be pretty large, a valuable trait in the new GOT. Look for these guys peering out from underneath coral overhangs.

By showing visitors the beauty of a healthy Caribbean reef, we hope to inspire people to do what they can to protect these reefs and marine habitats around the world. Thanks to Mark Rosenstein for sharing his beautiful pictures!

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