Big Day: The Official Opening of the Giant Ocean Tank

It's been a long 10 months, and all our efforts have been working toward this day. We have so much to tell you about the new exhibit, but just for today—the official debut of the new tank and all the new exhibits throughout the Aquarium—here's a view from the inside. Sit back and enjoy, this video is chock-full of cool animals.

While our attention and pride is focused on the Giant Ocean Tank (it is our office, after all), today's celebration is about the New England Aquarium as a whole. We're calling it the New Aquarium Experience because visitors will notice changes all throughout the building.

Myrtle the turtle, our most famous resident

We hope you'll come by and check things out this summer. As you can tell from the video, we can definitely see you on the other side of the glass and we're looking forward to waving to a lot of new faces! (Just, please... don't bang on the glass.)

Buy your tickets online in advance for the entry time that right for you

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