Happy Thanksgiving from the divers

The Aquarium is closed but "the fish gotta eat!"  So do the turtles.  So do the divers!

Thanksgiving Day dive team: Marcus, Mack, Chris, Shannon, Jess

Homemade goodies by Shannon, baker extraordinaire - this if for us, not the fish ;)

Myrtle's feast: lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, gel, clam, squid, shrimp and pollock

Jess is Myrtle's personal server today

Dropping in her food - this takes more skill than you might think (some of our fish are thieves)

Myrtle eating a healthy snack of "turtle gel"

All quiet on the public side — the Aquarium is closed on Thanksgiving (and Christmas)

Thanksgiving Day dive team SELFIE
A special thanks to Shannon, Jess and DJ Mack for volunteering their time on this holiday - it does not go unappreciated!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry you all have to work, but thank you for being thoughtful as to make a Thanksgiving feast for our woncerful Aquarium friends.


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