Feedings: The Zooplankton Block

With hundreds of little fish in a 200,000 gallon fish tank, it's impossible to know if every single small fish has gotten a morsel of food.

Evie feeds little fishes

But we do our best to make sure they all at least have the ability to eat if they so choose. So some of the feedings are geared towards this: Instead of targeting individual fish, it's a scatter or broadcast feeding. Nothing expresses this better than our twice-a-day zooplankton feed. Our walk-in freezer is filled with a stack of 35# blocks of this zooplankton.

Before it goes into the Giant Ocean Tank, it's cut up into smaller blocks. Twice a day a diver swims it around, spreading as much as they can throughout the water before it melts completely.

Mmmm...tasty, no?

Check out this video to see what I'm talking about.  Notice that some of the bigger fish like the zooplankton too (i.e. cownose ray :-)

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