H2O! Frozen parody features GOT

Our volunteers are a talented bunch, and former intern turned GOT volunteer and Aquarium marathon team runner Lauren Mack is no exception. She created this fantastic parody of the hit song from Frozen, featuring the Aquarium and even some behind the scenes video from our food prep kitchen and dive support areas. Just try not to sing along with this one!

Lauren and our other 30 or so volunteers and interns are the heart of our operation regarding taking care of all of the Giant Ocean Tank denizens.  From keeping the support area spotless, answering questions from the public, feeding our sea turtles and surface fishes, and of course prepping all of the food for over a thousand fishes each day, they work their tails off... and we are so appreciative!

When she's not chopping food for the fish or scrubbing corals in the big tank, Lauren will be training for the Boston Marathon® with the New England Aquarium. She's fundraising to support the Aquarium education outreach programs, which bring ocean programming to local classrooms in underserved communities. So while her video raises awareness about all that goes on at the Aquarium, these outreach classes raise awareness about our oceans and what we can all to do protect them in the community.

When she's not chopping food for the fish, you might find her scuba diving in the big tank

Because as Lauren sings in her song:
I know what I must do
to teach the public how we all live blue
It's cool to be ocean-friendly—like me!
H-2-O, H-2-O
It's the basis of life on earth.
H-2-O, H-2-O
It's a resource with so much worth!
If you liked her video, you can support Lauren's marathon fundraising here.

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