#21: What's Happening - Thanksgiving Day at the Aquarium

It's Thanksgiving Day, and what does that mean? The Aquarium is closed for the day. But wait, what about the animals? They don't know it's Thanksgiving, and they expect to eat like any other day, so it's another day at the office for a few select aquarists ... like me!

An atypical scene out on the front plaza - no people.

High-calorie foods like donuts are a must for a diver, especially on Thanksgiving when it's important to carbo-load in preparation for the evening's turkey feast.

Brian is a dedicated Monday volunteer who came in to help us out on this holiday. Here, he is showing off his shark food prep skills. Today's menu consists of squid (Note: the coffee is NOT for the sharks).

The dive team: Me, John, and Brian.

We decided to go for a pre-feed swim this morning, to scrub out the algae from the surface skimmer gutters. If left untended, it grows into thick mats...

... and as you can see from this video, Myrtle the green sea turtle thinks it's really tasty!

And of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without tossing the football around.

As we all know, Thanksgiving is for overeating. However, our sharks ended up not being very hungry, as shown here by Markham's (our male sand tiger shark) complete disinterest in this squid I offered him.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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