#22: Many People Ask - Does anyone or anything ever fall into the GOT?

Visitors often ask if anyone or anything ever falls into the GOT. Well, I'm happy to report that a person has never fallen in. However, over the years, many interesting "things" have fallen in. Some of the more common items are pencils, pacifiers, keys, money, earrings, mittens, hats, paper, water bottles, and lots and lots of sunglasses.

More often then not, visitors do not want their soggy items back, so the divers are never at a loss for a pair of sunglasses.

Before the sunglasses are retired to the "sunglass drawer," the divers like to have a little fun with them.

Not sure Myrtle agrees that this is so much fun!

I think the most unusual thing I have ever found in the GOT was a Guns and Roses CD; the most expensive was a cell phone.

So the next time you visit the Aquarium enjoy the top of the GOT, but be sure to hold onto your stuff!

- Sherrie



  1. I remember when I shot a video for one of my video classes in mid 2004 there that one of the aquarists mentioned someone droopped a film canister in the GOT and Porky, a porcupine fish who resided there at the time, got a hold of it and nearly bit it in half. Or something similar to that - my mind is a little fuzzy on the exact words - I also have photos of Sarah with a newly found pair atop her head at a following visit when I had dropped off copies of the finished video from college to all those that helped. Good times.

  2. You guys should have a sunglasses sale in the spring!


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