#34: What's Happening - 55th Boston Sea Rovers Clinic

My name is Paul and I am a senior penguin keeper here at the aquarium. I am also a back up diver for the Giant Ocean Tank dive team. Working with this group over the years has given me the opportunity to participate in many animal exams, transports, and several diving collection expeditions. It has also connected me to the many different elements of the diving industry and community.

About 5 years ago I was introduced to the oldest dive club in the country, The Boston Sea Rovers. Since 1954, this group (made up of mainly volunteers) has gotten together with the mission of holding a clinic with the hopes of "Raising the Level of Knowledge of the Underwater World." Some of the world's greatest oceanographers and explorers like Jacque Cousteau, Dr. Robert Ballard, and Dr. Sylvia Earle, have participated in these events. This collection of avid divers is known internationally for having the "Longest Running Underwater Show on Earth."

A quote from their website states "The history of the Sea Rovers is, in many ways, the history of scuba diving." The funds generated from the clinics help support various internships and non-profits like SeaMark Vision Clinic (pdf) and the Cotting School for children with special needs. This March 7th & 8th will mark the 55th time that the clinic will be held. They will have workshops, seminars, and a world renowned film festival. Below are some pictures of the clinic. I will be volunteering with them that weekend and invite you to join us.


2008 Eastport, Maine Coldwater Collection Trip

Clinic Sponsors

Exhibit Hall

Film Festival Presenters

Video of the event:


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