#14: Acceptance

By writing this one last blog that I promised, I am finally accepting that the trip is over and that I will not miraculously wake up tomorrow to the rocking of the boat, my shipmates shining faces, or the smell of salt water and sunscreen. *sigh*

All I can say to summarize is that I had the most amazing experience, and I wish everyone the chance to do something like this in their lifetime.

I also want to use this post to send a HUGE thank you to our participants. Russ, Don, Scott, Susan, Lionel, Sean and Terry made this trip happen with their support. All their hard work, from repairing busted nets, taking pictures, caring for the fish, helping with the education programs, staying up all night to pack fish and donating their computer equipment, made it a successful and enjoyable one.

Thanks to Captain John and Captain Lou for safely moving us all over and around Bimini, and sharing your stories, laughter and magic tricks. Thanks to Matt for keeping us VERY well fed, and making good strong coffee.

Thanks to Sherrie, Jeremy and Chris. I've never had so much fun working.

I could never thank Deb enough for sending me on the trip.

Thanks to Megan for putting together an education program that was destined for success.

And thanks to all you who read the blog! I hope you enjoyed the reading, and I hope you'll stay connected to the Aquarium's work and to the ocean!

Live Blue

- Bronwyn

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