#7: When Divers Collide (Safety continued...)

Knock on wood, we have not had any major safety situations, only a close call and a few dive related injuries. For the following stories I've change the names of the subjects to protect their privacy...and pride. In this picture Bruce is giving us the "o.k." signal, however he is clearly not okay as his wife Samantha is about to descend onto his head.

Not a major safety infraction, but you ALWAYS want to look to see what is above and below you. Hitting your head on the boat is not good. You could hurt your neck or knock yourself out, but most likely you'll panic, putting yourself at greater risk. (Yes, I know this from experience). Crash landing on a head of coral is also not good. It means you just wiped out a whole city of coral.

Water and rubbing on skin never mixes well, so most of our injuries have been wet suit related. Lindsay got a major abrasion on her neck from her wetsuit, and two of us have identical cuts on our feet...because we have the same booties with a poorly placed seam. One other person has had an allergic reaction to something in the water that got smooshed between her skin and wetsuit.

I had to try to make this somewhat humorous so you would read it, but seriously, safety is no joke here. An accident or medical emergency is bad ... and an accident or medical emergency on a boat in the middle of the ocean is really bad. So we don't mess around when it comes to safety.'

- Bronwyn

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