#50: What's Happening - Great Annual Fish Count

As the New England Aquarium celebrates its 40th Anniversary, it gives us a moment to reflect on how we can help to protect our blue planet.

On Saturday, July 25, the New England Aquarium Dive Club (NEADC) and Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) are sponsoring the Great Annual Fish Count (GAFC). This year, our 8th, divers from all over New England will count fish populations at various dive sites on Cape Ann as well as southern Maine. (NEADC recently held a New England fish ID course to familiarize divers with the various species to identify and how to count them.) Data from the event is used to raise awareness among both the diving community and public regarding marine habitats and trends in fish populations and to provide researchers, marine resource managers and policy makers with this useful information.

After the dives, everyone meets back at the staging area to fill out surveys reporting what they counted. They are given raffle tickets for chances to win more than $8,500 in prizes! Some of the prizes include a dive vacation to Bonaire, underwater cameras, wetsuits, regulators, fins, and of course, the rare privilege to dive into the Giant Ocean Tank here at the New England Aquarium! The NEADC is providing lots of food back at Stage Fort Park afterward as well.

If you're a diver and want to come out and count fish with us, check out the event's website at or visit the Dive Club website and REEF website for more information. And, don't forget to check back in with this blog in a few weeks for information and pictures of what we saw and counted and how we did it!



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