#51: Our Reef Residents - The Boxfishes, featuring "Wasabi" the Scrawled Cowfish

As you look into the Giant Ocean Tank you can see that the fish come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of our more uniquely shaped fish are a group call the boxfishes. They get their name for their less-than-streamline boxy shape. The way they hover and dart around the tank and how they will suck squid tentacles out of you hand like slurping spaghetti makes them a favorite of both the visitors and the divers.

Here are a few of the boxfish that you might find in the GOT.

Smooth trunkfish

Honeycomb cowfish

Scrawled cowfish

In this video you can see a trunkfish and the honeycomb cowfish swimming around. To distinguish them look for tiny horns above the cowfish's eyes.

Watch in this video as I feed some of our trunkfish and cowfish along with some of our other oddly shaped fish, like an ocean triggerfish, individual squid tentacles.

A little while ago the divers noticed the scrawled cowfish had sustained an injury to its dorsal fin. It was removed from the exhibit to a tank behind the scenes where the vets in our Animal Health Department sutured part of the dorsal fin back on. While under their care, the health department staff affectionately named the fish Wasabi. Wasabi spent some more time behind the scenes to rest and recoup, and I am happy to say that Wasabi is healed and is ready to go back into the Giant Ocean Tank.

Here is a picture of Wasabi in its tank behind the scenes recuperating.

Wasabi in a formalin dip awaiting his release into the GOT

After a day in an acclimation cave in the Giant Ocean Tank Wasabi was released and joined the rest of the boxfish slurping up squid tentacles.

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  1. I always enjoy reading and watching what Andrea posts here. She's really been a great addidtion to the GOT blog team ot say the least.


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