#64: Why does John Hanzl Live Blue?

Recently the Aquarium launched the Live Blue Initiative, an online tool that allows people from all over the world to share their commitment to protect the blue planet. The divers are sharing their own live blue profiles describing how they care for the oceans. Here's a look at Dive Safety Officer John Hanzl's Live Blue profile.

John Hanzl
Dive Safety Officer

Complete the Sentence:
I live blue because the ocean is both my passion and my second home.

Why do you care about the environment?
The question really should be "How can you NOT care about the environment." It is what makes life possible. Without it our planet is nothing but an airless, lifeless hunk of rock.

How has your environment affected your career/education decisions?
My love of nature in general, and of the aquatic world in specific, is what led me to make a drastic change in careers many years ago. I transitioned from career in electrical engineering to being a diver for the New England Aquarium and is a decision I've been grateful for ever since.

Read more here and follow this link to see John's plot of ocean in the Phoenix Islands.


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