#66: Dive Buddies - Fall Interns, Sammy and Kristen

Hi Blue and Happy Friends!

So we are seeing our last days as interns at the most wonderful and colorful organization in both of our whole worlds! Although, we will be back as volunteers for as long as we can. How could one go from hanging out with little burrfish and being caressed by Mystic, to then not? We remember our first days diving (Kristen was a good thirty minutes late to her check out dive ...), and how we were absolutely nervous to get into the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT) for the first time. We thought our ears would never adjust to the almighty twenty-three-foot depth. However, they eventually did! From then on, everything was 100% awesome.

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We had so many exciting experiences in and out of the GOT. For example, we saw necropsies of lookdown fish, trunkfish, porcupine fish and a little baby fresh water turtle. Sam went herring net collecting and handled the anacondas and Athena the octopus (who gave her cute little hickies). We also went to offsite holding tanks where we cared for young sharks and rays. Yet, one of our most memorable experiences was when we greeted over twenty juvenile green and Kemp's ridley sea turtles, who arrived at the Aquarium after beaching themselves on the Cape.

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You could say we never have an average, boring day here. Our favorite part of the day was obviously diving in the miniature ocean. Sometimes it was weird to see rain and snow outside right before we jumped into the 76-degree water.

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However, nothing can compare to when we fed our favorite fish. We loved it when some of them came right up to us--giving us their cute puppy eyes--and swimming away excitedly when we fed them. It was like we gave them the best birthday present ever.

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Nevertheless, we must say goodbye to our seven millimeter wetsuits, for now, and hand them off to the next group of interns. We would like to thank everyone who worked with us and put up with our shenanigans. Also, we want to thank the best supervisors in the universe. You were always playful, answered our millions of questions, and are fantastically passionate! It was inspiring and endlessly hilarious to work with you!

We miss you already; especially the 600 fishes who gave us kisses.

- Sam and Kristen

See photos of Sam (as an angelfish) and Kristen (as Where's Waldo?) diving in costume from the Aquarium's Fish, Fun and Fright event here. You can also read about the Aquarium's Summer and Spring interns.

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