Everything has been going by so fast!

My name is Kylie, and I began working at the Aquarium last summer as a teen intern in the Education department. Now, I'm learning how to scuba dive with nine other students and am getting ready to go down to the Bahamas in April.

Diving gets a thumbs up from Kylie.

We have had three classes at the Aquarium so far. For each two and half hour class we read a chapter from our scuba book and discuss the nooks and crannies of scuba diving. We also have had two pool sessions so far which are usually about six hours long.

Kylie excited about diving in!

Everything has been going by so fast! I wasn't sure how I would be able to learn everything AND scuba dive in a pool at first. But all of us have done so well at it! Our first pool session, we learned the basics of snorkeling and by our second pool session we were diving ten feet under with our scuba equipment. I loved being able to breathe underwater with my regulator. It was awesome!

Kylie relaxing at the bottom of the pool

During our last class, our guest speaker was Bill, an aquarist at the Aquarium. He talked to us about the differences between cold water scuba diving and warm water diving, like in the Bahamas. It was really interesting and he also showed us his dry suit, which is different than a wet suit. We've learned so much already in just three classes, I can't wait for our next class!

Kylie and her classmates take a break


(See another picture of Kylie from way back at the beginning of the program here!)

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