15: Bahamas 2013 | New fish and a new blogger

2013 Bahamas Expedition | Round Three 
About a year and a half ago, this trip's blogger became an intern diver in the Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium. Luigi loved being at the Aquarium so much that he became a volunteer diver after his internship was over. He also joins Aquarium divers to help collect fish, under special permits, so that visitors in Boston can appreciate the splendor of a healthy Caribbean reef. After a top-to-bottom transformation, the Giant Ocean Tank is expected to reopen in early summer!

Today is my first blog because it is our first day of diving. In just two dives today, we caught 61 fish!  Some interesting critters that were encountered today included two juvenile nurse sharks (probably around 4 feet long) on both dives...

Nurse shark nestled in the corals

I see you! Another napping nurse shark

A barracuda...

The sleek, silver barracuda can be seen to the left of the schooling yellow fish

An interesting little nudibranch...

A bright yellow trumpetfish,

and though it isn't a good thing, we all saw a lot of lionfish.

Did you know that the New England Aquarium was the first aquarium to ever successfully breed queen triggerfish? While researchers are studying aquaculture, our team of divers caught one of these beautiful and colorful animals at a dive site called Rainbow Reef so people at home can see them, too. We had a relatively smooth crossing this morning across the Gulf Stream and I look forward to reporting more of our interesting catches and finds as the week progresses!

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