Families and paperwork and dive gear, oh my!

"Umm...Mom/Dad, can I learn how to scuba dive at the Aquarium? Oh, and go to the Bahamas for a week?"

What a way to start a conversation, huh? Well that's what our teens had to do as they as they discussed the first ever SEA TURTLE program with their families. Now I'm not a parent, but I can only imagine the questions that followed: You're going to live on a boat where? How does this scuba stuff work? Who are you going with? In our recent orientation, families were introduced to the program and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Sarah talking to the group.

The evening featured a great presentation by Sarah that outlined what the teens would be doing, seeing and experiencing throughout the program. Families were able to meet the rest of the staff, the other teens, have their questions answered, paperwork was filled out (and there is a lot of paperwork!) and the teens received their first set of dive gear. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially when their teens received their shiny new fins, masks, snorkels and wetsuits!

Jacki, one of the teens selected, her mom and dive gear!

Isaiah and his family

The wall decoration seems appropriate for this time of year!

I am sure that there are more questions to come, but hopefully we have started to answer a few. Not only do we hope to have an excited group of teens partake in this crazy adventure but an excited group of families as well. Hopefully this night has started to instill that excitement in everyone. And now the fun truly begins! Check out our upcoming blog entry as our teens take to the pool for the first time!

- Jo

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