Isaiah 1, Swim Test 0

My name is Isaiah. On Sunday, my first impression of the swim test was that I was not going to do as well as everyone else would. I was very nervous until it was my turn to swim.

Isaiah starts his swim test.

After I started swimming, I became confident that I could do it thanks to the support of the SEA TURTLE team. They provided me with the energy to swim until the very end. When I finished the laps for the test, my confidence had increased allowing me to believe that I could make it through the 10 minute tread.

Isaiah, Nick, and Jane treading and floating for 10 minutes.

When Jo announced that I had just two minutes left in the 10 minute tread, I suddenly got a charley horse in my right calf. With the encouragement (once again) provided from my SEA TURTLE team, I was given the confidence to make it through to the end. When the whole test was over, I was very proud of the accomplishment that I had just made. Thank you team for helping me make it through it all!

Evan watches as Isaiah prepares for his final lap.


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