Fall Collecting Trip #1: Prologue

Well, it's almost time! I am headed down to Miami early tomorrow morning for the beginning of the New England Aquarium's Fall Collecting Expedition.

Getting ready with a practice dive in the Giant Ocean Tank

I feel like the trip came up on me very fast. It seems like just last week when I was called into my boss Deb's office to hear the amazing news: I had been chosen to go as staff on the trip! I was almost in shock, what an unbelievable opportunity. As I sat dazed in her office, Deb shared the details of the trip, as well as some of her personal advice (she is a veteran of sorts, having been on two past trips in the spring of 2009 and 2010).

She explained that we will be living aboard the RV Coral Reef II in the warm tropical waters off the island of Bimini in the Bahamas! She said that my primary job as staff on the trip will be to help collect specimens for use on exhibit at the Aquarium (which we are able to accomplish with the consent of the Bahamian Government, we never take any fish on the IUCN Red List), but my other main task will be to document our trip on the Aquarium's blog.

That was in August. Now, a bunch of meetings, loads of prep work and even some dives in the Giant Ocean Tank later, I am suddenly here the night before the trip finishing my very first blog entry! I am off to finish packing, but stay tuned for more updates.

-- Emily

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  1. I never thought about how the aquarium gets its fish, what a fun concept!


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