Fall Collection Trip: Guest Blogger - Jim Duffey

Well, here goes my first blog...

After a queasy crossing from Miami to Bimini and some time for my stomach to settle, we went for the first of what I hope to be 20+ dives. The location was Bimini Road--a shallow dive for everyone to check out their gear and get comfortable in the water. It was a short dive of just about a half hour, but in that brief time I was lucky enough to see lots of our targeted collecting fishes along with a Southern sting ray and the first shark of the trip- a Nurse shark about 6’ long. I have been diving a few years, but only in Massachusetts waters and the GOT--this little dive was by the far the best of my life!

After a short surface interval and tank change, we went back in for our first collecting dive. My partners were Sam Benton of NEAQ, and Suzanne Rose, a veteran of several collecting trips and NEAQ volunteer. Those two were fantastic! We seemed to click as a team right away and were fortunate to collect nine keepers. Among the species were Bluehead wrasse, Slippery dicks, Foureye butterflyfish, sharpnose puffer and a parrot fish. That dive then replaced the first check-out dive as my best dive ever.

That’s all for now...more to follow.
-- Jim

Jim geared up for a dive!


  1. Congrats Jim...I want to get certfied so I can experience the wonders of the underwater world as well! Hopefully soon. Have fun!

  2. Hey Jim, the trip sounded like a blast! Very glad you had a great time and so jealous at the same time~ JDG


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