Fall Collecting Trip #3: Filters, Nets and Shrimp

We spent today doing more work to get the boat ready for our journey. The big project of the day was to replace the sediment in the sand filter. There are three main types of filtration in aquariums: chemical, mechanical and biological. A sand filter is a natural mechanical filter; water flows from the tanks into the chamber and through the sand where dirt and waste get trapped. Then clean water flows out the other end and back into the tanks.

While Dave, Bill and Sarah (the aquarists on board) were busy with the filter, Sam and I spent the majority of the day fixing the collection nets/bags. We use dental floss to fix holes in the net so that we don't lose the fish that we will work so hard to find! Fixing the gear is a time honored tradition on these trips, and there is always more to be done!

Sam busy sewing nets

Bill hard at work scrubbing the holding tank

Once the filtration system had been cleaned out, we stared cleaning the boat: scrubbing the holding tanks and the decks, as well as further organizing the gear. Dave even set up his brine tank (tiny brine shrimp are a tasty treat for our fish).

Tiny brine shrimp for future tank residents

Tonight we are taking a little break after a delicious supper of vegetarian lasagna, courtesy of our steward, Orvis. The trip participants arrive tomorrow, and there is still a good amount of work to do in the morning before they come!

-- Emily

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  1. Love the little brine shrimp! Best of luck on your trip!


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