Final thoughts from Alex

Alex hangs out underwater

Well, it's been almost a week since the trip ended and now we are sadly getting back into the routine of our normal lives. All I can say about this experience is that it was beyond my expectations and beliefs, and I would gladly go there again and do it all over. Besides the great diving, shark lab visit, and mangrove snorkeling, there were all of the people that I went on this journey with. By the end of the week living together on a boat, all 10 of us became more than just close friends, we all became a family. I would recommend this trip to any and everyone. It was a truly life changing experience for me. Before this trip I was uncertain about what I wanted to do in my future, after this trip I know that I want to become more involved in the marine sciences. I want to work with the ocean and the animals that live in it, and all of the things that rely on the ocean.

It was the best experience of my life, and the most fun I have had in a long time. Thank you Sarah, Jenna, Jo, Captain John, Captain Lou, Chef Matt and of course, Mom.

Alex helps out with the plankton tow experiment

Alex climbs the rock wall at the Bimini All Age School


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