Final thoughts from Jacki

Bye-bye R/V Coral Reef II! The 10 days spent aboard the vessel are days that I am never going to forget. Spending day after after day being completely submerged in an entirely different realm under the water has completely confirmed that I want to pursue marine biology as a major in college next year.

Jacki the marine biologist

After being engulfed in marine biology with our eat-dive-eat-dive-eat-dive-sleep schedule, there is no other major I could consider declaring. Hopefully the next time I learn about the Coreolis Effect I won't get splashed with a bucket of water as a prank (thanks Captain Lou-you got us good)! From seeing dolphins, to sharks, to turtles, to night diving, to just diving and learning in general, SEA TURTLE was an experience of a life time that I truly hope others have the opportunity to experience. Not only was the diving and learning experience phenomenal, but over the course of the past six months I have forged friendships with my fellow SEA TURTLEs that will last long beyond our stay on the Coral Reef II :).

Jacki and Jane

SEA TURTLE for "I'm excited"

- Jacki

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