Final thoughts from Isaiah

Isaiah and Kylie during the beach seine

I'm writing this the day before we go back to the places we call home. Although we are all sad to leave Bimini and Miami, and the beautiful weather that arrived for us, it is important that we all remember the awesome memories that we has made on this expedition. Last Thursday when we arrived on the R/V Coral Reef II, I remember seeing how nervous everyone was. And now as we look at one another, we have become a family. I will miss you all; however this is not the end! SEA TURTLE 2010 will once again reunite and collaborate to help make an impact in today’s world. Thank you SEA TURTLE for an excellent and inspirational trip. We have so many stories to share, and let us remember them all.

Isaiah and Sarah getting ready to dive

Isaiah and Mary inside the wreck of the Sapona


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