Yellow stingray and remora footage

Here are two of the animals we encountered on our last dive of the trip, Bimini Road. A little yellow stingray quickly buried itself in the sand after it saw me (see video). We also saw countless southern stingrays and an eagle ray during the trip.

Here's the yellow stingray:

This remora showed up when the second group of divers got in the water at Bimini Road. It hung around with us for about a half an hour. Remoras will attach themselves to larger animals by using a modified sucking disk on their heads. They will slide backwards along an animal's body to create suction and then release themselves by swimming forward. We actually saw two of them hanging out on the back of a loggerhead sea turtle when we dove the Hesperus wreck the previous day. Luckily this one didn't feel like attaching to any of us! (Which doesn't hurt, I've had one stick on me before.)

Here's the remora:

- Sarah

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  1. These videos are great.It gives us a nice idea of how it looks from the divers point of view. We're learning so much from the blogs. Thanks:)


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