Turkey shark vs. Sea Turtles: They’ll never be the same…

Little does anyone know that trailing the R/V Coral Reef II this entire trip has been a 100 foot long creature with a long green body and an orange snout known only to the SEA TURTLERs as the infamous...turkey shark or Turkomostoma gobblii. This menacing creature almost claimed the lives of eight SEA TURTLEs on various occasions. The first incident occurred on Day Two when we saw the dolphins. Evan nearly lost his foot when the turkey shark made its first move. Later in the day, Jenna was unexpectedly pulled under by the still hungry creature and miraculously it was captured on film (see movie below). Eyewitness Kylie reported that, "It all happened so suddenly!"

The turkey shark lay low for a few days with only minor incidents until the night of our second night dive. Kylie, the third victim reports, "As the group was descending, all of a sudden, something grabbed my regulator. When I turned around to see what it was - I felt the turkey shark engulfing me! It wrapped its rough green body around my tank of air! I was in shock!" As much as we fear the turkey shark, it was necessary that we keep it near the boat during every dive. All of us are safe, although emotionally scarred.

P.S. The turkey shark, Turkostomata gobblii, is the safety line and orange float that trails behind the boat during every dive.

- Jenna and Kylie


  1. Wow--what a rare and exciting encounter! I've never seen a turkey shark, but I have had a couple of run-ins with the chicken shark (Pollo Locquinsis). I was also privileged to be present for the birth of 5 kitten sharks (Scratchigigas meowmix)...they are often confused with the catshark family.

  2. Do you have a picture of the Turkey Shark?

  3. Silly me, I did not read far enough into the blog to find out that the Turkey Shark is the safety line and orange float that trails behind the boat during every dive.:-)

  4. thats so cool! i just was searching turkey sharks on the internet because i had a dream about one last night!


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