Diving the Sapona wreck at night

The wreck of the Sapona during the day.

Nick dives in at night.

I grew nervous at the thought of doing a night dive in a ship wreck. I let the air out of my BCD and I began to work my way to the bottom of the ocean floor. Surrounded by an inky blackness I looked towards my fellow divers. Soft colored lights, from our glow sticks, dotted the water as we moved towards the wreck. We entered the cage like structure with anxious excitement. The Sapona resembles a flecked castle claimed years ago by the sea. While exploring the inner portion of the wreck we came upon a lone puffer fish. The animal swam within the reach of our rays and then just a gently drifted back into the darkness from which it came. I looked towards the alien bottom and saw a southern stingray elegantly gliding below. As I looked around at this strange new world I never thought I would be in a place like this. Life has an interesting way of offering you beautiful surprises. I am now learning how to receive these prizes with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Inside the wreck of the Sapona

- Nick

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  1. Nick - that was beautifully written. Did you hear the crackling from the wreck?

  2. I love hearing all the beautiful details of your experiences. It makes me feel like I'm right there with the group. Please keep writing about your adventures! I wake up every morning and go to the neaq site to see what you've all been doing!!!!

  3. I've read every blog right from the start. It's great read how this all started and to see everyone reach their goals!

  4. I love that the blogs are from the teens perspective. How great that adults had such faith in these teens to put this all together for them. My family is all so proud of eveyone even though we don't know you all personally.

  5. ooh, I've been there. Gotta watch out for that rebar!

  6. Fantastic writing Nick!!


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