Making new friends in Bimini

On the steps of the All Age School in Bimini

We visited the All Age School on the island of North Bimini to meet with some of the students there. Since it was Earth Day, the school held an assembly outside as a form of celebration and we were lucky enough to be able to watch it with them. Afterwards, we met with some of the students of our age and were able to socialize with them. It was incredibly enlightening to see how similar our lives were although we live in such different places. Visiting the school allowed us to see part of the Bimini community that we could relate to very well.

Here's a video clip of our welcome to the All Age School in Bimini:

Thank you to Mrs. Eliot for letting us come to your beautiful school!

- Tori and Oriana

Snow vs. Sand. Bahamian Conch vs. Maine Lobsters. There are lots of differences between Boston and Bimini, but visiting the All Ages School made it apparent that all teens share a special bond. We are all pretty similar despite the obvious geographical differences. Throughout the trip I have been putting my photo class skills to use! I shared my photos of the underwater world with the teens we met. One of the boys, Romad, shared a great interest in photography with me. It was exciting to talk to him about our love and enthusiasm for a common interest! He has hopes of studying photography in the states. I hope to see your photos in National Geographic one day! I can't wait to see the landscape and studio photos you promised to share with me. Keep in touch!

Romad and his camera

Meeting Bimini students

New friends

- Jacki

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