Is this real?

Mary's notes
I was downstairs when I heard a yell from upstairs, “Dolphins! There are dolphins!” At first I thought someone was making a joke, but I ran up the stairs anyway. As I came up to the salon (our common room/dining area) my fears that it was a prank were diminished, someone was yelling, “There are dolphins at the front of the boat!” I crashed through the door and out onto the deck and there right over the railing were four spotted dolphins—two moms and their two calves. We got the ‘ok’ from the captains and Sarah to get on our snorkels and flippers and get into the water. It was an amazing experience. Even after we entered the water they chose to stick around; they seemed just as interested in us as we were in them. They allowed us to dive down and take pictures; we were so close to them it was unreal.
Photo of the spotted dolphins by Captain Lou Rothchild
- Mary
Evan's notes
I was resting after our exciting morning seining session when all of a sudden, everybody was gathered at the bow of the boat looking at these dolphins so my first reaction was to put on my booties then wait for the okay. As I approached the bow of the boat Captain John said “Dolphins! Why isn’t anyone in the water?” Then, all of the teens looked at Sarah and Barbara with puppy eyes and after a few seconds, we received the okay! Being two steps ahead of everyone I grabbed my fins, mask, and camera and jumped right into the water with the dolphins. I guess the dolphins were just as excited to see us as we were to see them, because they stuck around for quite some time and swam with and around us. This was when the trip became real for me. Wow! I am really swimming with dolphins!
Evan giant striding
- Evan
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  1. How great to be able to be able to swim in a natural setting with the dolphins. I'm learning so much from these blogs keep up the good work everyone.


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