Bahamas! So excited! And a little nervous…

Bags are packed, anticipation is running high and we just want to get to the Bahamas already! Before we leave, the SEA TURTLEs reflect on the upcoming adventure.

I’m so excited to…..
  • Just go and do it- diving in the OPEN OCEAN!
  • Test our skills we have learned in the pool.
  • See the Bahamas and enjoy the warm weather!
  • Watch life underwater!
  • Eat the yummy food on the boat (eating is an important part of diving!)
  • Just know the fact that it’s going to be wicked awesome!
  • Wake up on the boat and having the ocean right there!

SEA TURTLE for excited!

I’m a little nervous about….
  • The first dive-we’re so small but the ocean is so big!
  • Having this totally new experience, lots of nervous excitement though.
  • Being away from family for the extended time.

No nerves here!

And another thing….
  • This trip is the silver lining of the spring. With college stuff, papers due, summer job hunting going on, it’s nice to know that the trip is here.
  • All of our hard work is going to pay off!
  • There is no better group to go share the water and the Bahamas with!
  • Disbelief! Trip is days (now just hours) away. Can’t wait!
  • I’m honored and proud to be a part of the inaugural SEA TURTLE trip.
Guess there is only one thing left to say…Bahamas, here we come!




  1. Congratulations and Good Luck! I've been following the team on facebook for a while. Have an awesome time!

    - Jane 8)

  2. Have fun you guys!!! So excited for you! -Amari, one of Jenna's friends

  3. Looking forward to following your adventures in the Bahamas. You have all worked hard for this. Enjoy and be safe.
    Deb Sigman (Jenna's mom)

  4. Amy Belanger4/15/10, 7:41 PM

    Have a blast! We are jealous.

  5. Have a great safe and exciting trip!Kathy Nagle(Kylie,s mom)

  6. Take lots of pictures and write about your experiences. Sounds like fun!

    Shannon, Jenna's friend

  7. Wishing you all the best on the trip! Enjoy every minute.

    -Jackie, another one of Jenna's friends

  8. I have enjoyed following your amazing adventures and it makes me reflect on how lucky you all are to be part of a program that I know required an enormous amount of time and effort on the part of the team that put this all together.

  9. Megan Rennick4/24/10, 1:59 PM

    Looking forward to hearing ALL about it!


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