This Monday-not so bad!

From Alex

It’s already Monday! We woke up and ate breakfast…on a boat…just another normal day. We went outside, threw on wetsuits still damp from yesterday’s dives, put on tanks, BCDs, masks and snorkels and finally entered a different world.

Alex underwater

It’s been another cloudy day down in the Bahamas, but it isn’t stopping us. We have done three dives today. We already finished our first dive at the Paquet Rocks dive site and completing our second dive at Green Heads (two large coral heads). Our third dive was after dinner and it was our first night dive. Even though I have been diving for a few years, this was my first night dive. It’s was exciting, and I know for a fact it was wicked awesome.

Enjoying some time above water


From Nick

Upon recent reflection I have realized that I have been blessed with the divine opportunity to not only explore my passions at full force but to do so with nine other amazing teens. Over the last few months I have grown alongside peers that I am confident will one day be proud and powerful stewards of our world’s waters.

Nick and Isaiah working on skills

These fantastic young people prove that hope exists for our blue world. A team began this adventure, but we will return a family. All of our accomplishments have been achieved as a result of hard work and care from our astounding adult leaders. I will never be able to describe their impact on our lives. I only hope one day we can change the world as much as they have.

Underwater with the team


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  1. What a wonderful opportunity these teens have been given. It's so inspiring to read these blogs. Great job everyone.


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